Opis firmy

NetworkedAssets is a specialist for software-architecture and software development located in Berlin, Wroclaw and Munich.
We focus on:
• Custom Development: Build scalable architectures for the integration of distributed data, devices and processes.
• Better Development: Help our customers to optimize and automate their development environments.
We are passionate users and advocates of open source software on the JVM on Linux and beyond.
Pragmatic problem solution is the guideline for all our activities.


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  • Praca,
  • Praktyka

  • Development,
  • Application Support,
  • System Administration

1st or 2nd year student and up, academic credentials are not as important, as the ability for independent work in a team and experience as a programmer or sysadmin respectively.

  • Control Engineering and Robotics,
  • Electronic and Computer Engineering,
  • Systems Engineering,
  • Managment Faculty of Computer Science,
  • Management

  • CV (electronic)

  • English,
  • German (optional)

  • Interview

  • Tak