Human Resources internship opportunities

Our 3-month internship program will provide you with HR training, as well as practical experience, supported through mentoring. We will evaluate your preferences prior to your start date and take them into consideration when making desk allocation decisions.
During your internship you will have the opportunity to get to know various HR areas and develop expertise in HR client service.
You will be supervised by an internal trainer who will introduce you to the respective HR processes, tools and applications. Your
language skills will be utilized in direct client contact on a daily basis.

The program also offers opportunities to meet with senior managers, colleagues and peers at all levels across the HR Service Center. You will gain insights into the bank and its culture, as well as the opportunity to build a professional network.
Your managers will work with you on an objective and review process, providing structure to your placement including an outline of requirements and goals. This practice also gives us a tangible framework for assessing you for a full-time graduate position after your graduation. The internship is our core hiring channel for our full-time specialist class.



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  • Wroclaw

  • CV in English

  • Penult or last year, graduates
  • Finance, economics, management, mathematics, physics

  • Interview

  • English

  • Internship

  • Human Resources