Academic Job Fair is not only a chance to find a job or intership, but also an opportunity to meet potential employer.

A key to success is a good preparation for this event ! 


1.Set your goals


Before ATP think about what do you want to do in your future job. Specify:

  • trade,
  • profession,
  • position.

Thanks that you can choose a profile which the best fit to your expectation. Think also about form of cooperation which interest you – job or intership.



2. Meet employers

After that get acquaint with list of employers which you can find in “Exhibitor zone” funpage on Facebook. Try find out some information’s which interesting you. If you did not find all of informations you looking for – make a list of questions and take it with you.




3. Prepare application documents

Prepare your CV in two language versions: polish and English. Make a copies and necessarily take them with you. During ATP Fair you can consulting the content of your CV with a company and send it along with the instructions provided.




4. Ask questions

Do not fear about asking questions.
Business representatives are the best source of knowledge. During Fair you can get informations which you do not find on the internet. If you are planning to visit several stands, it is a good idea to make some notes. Remember that at the all the posts are mostly HR people which are not responsible for the recruitment process. Try to make o good impression.




5. Take advantage of the possibilties

Remember that ATP is not only collecting pens, but also numerous attractions in the form of: training and speed recruitment and lectures during the event.