Academic Job Fair – 23th and 24th October 2018

1. The following regulations concerns the 30th jubilee edition of Academic Job Fair which will take place on 23th and 24th October 2018 in building C-13 of Wrocław University of Science and Technology.

2. MANUS Foundation declares that it is the organizer of Academic Job Fair which will take place on 23th and 24th October 2018 in building C-13 of Wrocław University of Science and Technology.

3. Application to participate in Academic Job Fair is done by phone and email contact with our Academic Job Fair team.

4. An exhibitor interested in participation in the fair is to send us via fax or E-mail a signed order which will be sent right after placing an order in the system. Documents should be sent on fax number +48 (71)734-53-41
or E-mail address  one week after the registration in the system.

5. The organizer reserves the ability to move a stand of an exhibitor in order to optimize exhibition space.

6. After receiving an order the organizer will issue a VAT invoice for participating in the Job Fair with a date of payment specified in an order and will sent it by post office. To issue a VAT invoice the data contained in an order will be used.

7. The requiment needed to participate in the fair is regulation of all payments mentioned in a VAT invoice.

8. The expense of participation in the fair is calculated according to fair’s price list contained in the offer of Academic Job Fair and will not be exceed the price given in an order.

9. The organizer takes responsibility of execution of services included in an order of exhibitor if it does not exceed the technical capabilities.

10. At this moment technical capabilities determines:

  • availability of unreserved stands,
  • availability of unreserved deadlines of presentations,
  • ability to shift the configuration of a stand,
  • ability to change the number of ordered pages in the informative brochure.


11. Information about technical capabilities and availability of stands in particular as well as free deadlines for presentation can be obtain by contacting with ATP Organization Office(contact:

12. An exhibitor which will order a stand have the right to place a logotype and information according to template in the fair’s brochure ( half of a B5 page) distributed during the fair. Every next page is under specific payment mentioned in the fair’s price list.

13. Information given in an order are not final and can be changed or filled according to exhibitor’s wish.
Such changes can not exceed the technical capabilities in the time of notification, yet they can be notified (depending on the type of changes) to date mentioned in point 18.

14. An exhibitor participating in the fair is to gather necessary equipment and to leave an empty stand for a night from 23th and 24th October 2018.
The organizer of Academic Job Fair allows to give necessary equipment to deposit based on delivery-acceptance protocol.

15. The organizer of Academic Job Fair is not responsible for equipment left for a night on a stand.

16. The organizer of Academic Job Fair is not responsible for contents presented by an exhibitor.

17. A base for using exhibitor’s date for commercial purposes is accepted order.
For commercial purposes the organizer can reveal the following information about an exhibitor:

  • fact of participation in Academic Job Fair,
  • localization of a stand,
  • time, place and title of organized presentation,
  • place a logotype of an exhibitor on chosen websites in order to promote the fair,
  • photos taken during the fair which sole purpose is to promote and sum up the event,
  • any other information concerning participation are confident and can be revealed only after getting permission from an exhibitor.

18. An exhibitor is to fulfill the following deadlines::

  • notify that a company in the form of the exhibitor to 10th October 2018 or to exhaustion of places,
  • send a page or pages for informative brochure and a logotype, according to specified requirements given in the E-mail and send the topic of a presentation to 10th October 2018 – deadline not applicable,
  • define the configuration of a stand and the number of companies representatives on the fair to 10th October 2018.

19. After the expiry of the given deadline, in the case of:

  • lack of definition of a stands configuration, the stands configuration is created to fit in the given exhibition space,
  • lack of a page or pages for informative brochure or pages being not correct according to graphical specification, there is a possibility that the advert of such exhibitor will not appear in the brochure.

WARNING! – all conclusions and changes reported after the expiry of the given time can not be included.

20. An exhibitor has the right to make a written complain within 7 day since the date of the fair. After that date the service is considered as fulfilled in proper way and can not be refunded.

21. An exhibitor participating in Academic Job Fair has the right to withdraw from participation in the fair:

  • to 19th September 2018 (including) without bearing the costs,
  • from 20th September to 24th September 2018 (including) bearing the 50% of the costs,
  • from 25th September to 24 October 2018 bearing the 100% of the costs.

22. The organizer reserves the right to refuse an order without giving any cause.

23. An exhibitor has the right to benefit from the following services, guaranteed in the chosen package of Academic Job Fair, in the time of 6 months since the registration of a company:

  • job offers to place on the website
  • training and practice offers to place on the website
  • promotion of events, meetup and such
  • speed recruitment in Center for Entrepreneurship and Business “Dąbie”