A visit on Academic Job Fair is a unique occasion to create positive image of a company among university students. We present hints which will help you to maximize benefits from being an exhibitor  🙂


1. Prepare yourself!

Participants of Academic Job Fair will have a lot of questions therefore prepare to answer them all. It is worth a while to equip yourself with business cards and commercial materials which will be helpful to keep in touch with interested candidates. Think carefully what will you post in the fair’s brochure to make your company perform in the best possible way. Inform about your participation in the fair by ATP and on yours company website or any other social media.


2. Show yourself!

Take care of the look of your stand. Think carefully about stand’s configuration and prepare it properly. When choosing your staff, remember that the people responsible for your stand should with ease make new relations, especially with young people.




3. Highlight yourself!

It is worth a while to highlight your company from others. Think about creating a competition, gadgets. We also propose to make use of our additional page in the fair’s brochure adds on jobwall, workshops and training’s.