In order to present your company at the fair please execute the following steps.


Step 1. Register in the system.
Step 2. Chose a stand.

The minimal exhibition space is 4 m2 (in sectors F and M the minimal space is 3 m2), please remember that it is necessary to mark at least 2 modules.

Step 3. Order additional services.
Step 4. If you are sure about your choice then close your order.

Remember that after closing of an order it is impossible to edit it.

Step 5. Wait for our feedback on your order. Sign it and send us the scan.

Congratulations! It is almost over. Now we need a few information about your company.

Step 6. On your E-mail address you will receive a form to fair brochure and specification concerning a logotype.

Fill them and send it back to us together with a logotype.

Step 7. Determine the configuration of your stand.
The list of stands configurations were send to you via E-mail.

Step 8. Send us your ideas on competitions (optional).
Step 9. One month before the event we will send You a Vat invoice, parking card, the plan of the sectors with arranged location of stands and timetable.
Step 10. Present yourself on Academic Job Fair!