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Spyrosoft is an authentic and cutting-edge software engineering company, established in 2016. We bring our clients ideas to life by recognising their problems and formulating effective and thorough solutions for the automotive, geospatial, industry 4.0, employee education and financial sectors.

We’ve come to Spyrosoft from different places, and we all share enthusiasm for all things software engineering. Nothing is impossible for us – we work on new solutions until we’re confident that they’re perfectly designed and even more perfectly implemented. That’s how we learn, and that’s how we turn problems into prospects. We trust each other to the point where we know we can rest after work, and we start each day with fresh ideas and great coffee.

Technological meetups, trainings, internal workshops, Community of Interest and Community of Practice are all special initiatives, created by the experts and for the experts. We make sure that everyone gets a chance to learn new things from their coworkers, and to share their knowledge as a mentor or a speaker.
You can find more about Spyrosoft at http://www.spyro-soft.com.